Kidlit writers Karen Greenwald and Jennifer Buchet created a new 200-word Non-Fiction/Informational Fiction contest to benefit We Need Diverse Books #WNDB. Excited to be among the Grand Prize recipients of a critique! Enjoyed the camaraderie of the participants and raising money for books and authors!


#PBChat Mentorship

I am excited to have been chosen by Barb Rosenstock as a mentee for the 2019 #PBChat Mentorship for Nonfiction Picture Book Biographies! I admire the artistry of all of Barb’s books, and I’m looking forward to working on a manuscript with her!

Highlights Week

Great week at Highlights for The Nuts & Bolts of Science Writing. I learned about nonfiction and how that path differs from my fiction writing. Impressive faculty, facilities, and staff. The individual cabins were a great feature, and I stayed past the workshop to work on submissions.